Change4Good Campaign

Jhonathan Florez was a world champion wingsuit pilot as well as a devoted husband, son, brother, and friend. If he wasn't jumping out of an airplane or off a mountain Jhonny was laughing with loved ones or trying to figure out how to make the world a better place.

On July 3, 2015 Jhonathan took his last flight in the Swiss Alps. He has been deeply missed by all who knew him but luckily for us, his impact has remained strong.

For a few years before his passing Jhonny was working on a project that was super close to his heart called the Change4Good Campaign. Within this campaign one of his ideas was to take anniversaries of painful events and do something good and meaningful on those days. This was not to try to erase the memory of a tragic event and its corresponding pain, but rather to transmute the pain into goodwill — To honor what was lost or hurt by offering love to the world. This year in honor of Jhonny and his vision we plan to make July 3rd a day where we focus on Change4Good. This is a painful day in the lives of all who love and lost Jhonny. And it is also the anniversary of when his spirit took flight; the day his legacy grew real wings.

Please join us by doing something to share love and goodness on July 3rd. It could be beginning the project that means a lot to you. It could be finding the courage to tell someone you love them. It could be opening the door for a stranger. It could be big or small. Anything that allows the spirit of Jhonny and the power of love and goodness to take flight in the world.

Please share the beauty you create with the hashtag #change4good